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Now is a great time to book in for having a thorough clean of all your workstations - before winter!

Make sure your staff have a hygienic workstation and technology (computers, keyboards, mice, phones, calculators) to work at. 

We can clean your workstations after hours or in the weekends. Check out the details over at our sister company's website www.technoclean.co.nz

One-off Office Cleaning

This is what one client said about the professional office cleaning service that we provided.

Hygiene Factor did a marvellous job on our annual office spring clean. Attention to detail was excellent  such as removing small marks off the painted walls. The team were thrilled to come back to a spotless office.

Thank you Lynn and team
Glenn Foster, Principal - Foster & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

A Good Clean Blog 

In the spirit of keeping it clean..................................................


Good Old Hand Washing - Significantly Reduces the Spread of Viruses 

With the advent of coronavirus people have to be even more vigilent about hygiene. The fact is that people should always have good hygiene practices. The use of proper hand washing techniques with soap kills the viral infections and reduces the spread of viruses between people. Read more including the study on the risk of infections spreading at airports. If you can't get access to soap and water then use hand sanitisers. We have stock available at the moment.

Laundry Myths Busted

You hear them all the time - put your jeans in the freezer to clean them, through your sneakers in the washing machine to freshen them up, even tennis balls in the dryer to fluff up your towels. Do any of these work or are they just urban legends - if so what are the best methods to launder your clothes. Read more.



Today Hygiene Factor officially turns 5 years old. Thanks to all our Clients, Suppliers,  Staff, Contractors and Advisors for getting us to this milestone!

World Hand Hygiene Day - Sunday 5 May 2019

As they say, "it's in your hands" this is true of taking the proper steps and processes for optimal hand washing because if you don't what will be left in your hands are dirt and bacteria with life threatening consequences.This article is based predominantly around healthcare however is also relevant to person hand hygiene. Read more.

Handy Hints on How to Use a Public Washroom to Avoid Getting Sick

That is if the washrooms haven't been sanitised by Hygiene Factor!

This article makes for interesting reading including the most worrying areas that you can catch germs such as the taps - ironically after you have cleaned your hands as well as the great hand towel versus hand dryers debate. Which one do you prefer? When all said and done a well maintained and hygienically cleaned public washroom may be less cause for conern than other highly trafficked areas such as automatic teller machines, touch screens and eftpos machines. Read more.

The Invisible Cleaners

It is interesting that in the UK there has been a drama series that put a premise around the fact that cleaners are an invisible part of the workforce therefore ideal candidates to carry out undetected crimes. While this would never be anything that Hygiene Factor would do, it does go on to reveal research about how cleaners do feel. Included in the research is being undervalued and referred to as "the cleaners" instead of by name. Luckily we have great relationships with our clients and a great relationship with anyone who is working on site. We feel that we have an important role to play in how their work environment is maintained which makes staff feel comfortable while at work. Read more.

Why Effective Hand Washing is Vital - Especially in the Workplace

Office washrooms have the highest volume of condensed traffic than any other area of the workplace. Given that 80% of infectious diseases are spread via hands it makes sense that office washrooms are set up to encourage effective hand washing. This in turn will stop the spread of germs throughout the office and prevent sick days. Provide staff with access to quality soaps and dispensers as well as hand towels or air dryers. Ensure that key touchpoints are regularly cleaned and sanitised. Read more.

Sharing Isn't Always Caring - The Hot Desking Trend is Spreading Germs

If you are sharing a desk with other staff you'll be exposed to a fifth more germs than if you had your own desk. Worse still is that a computer mouse which is being shared has 40% more germs than a single user. Read more here.

Another Collection of Weird and Wonderful (and not so well thought through) Loos

When it comes to planning toilets you could say it is not rocket science. However, some of these images show just how wrong those in charge of the plans can get it! There are also some more interesting washrooms including this grandeous throne as well as a urinal which plays music as you pee! Have a look here.



 It's Amazing that People Think They May Fall Sick Using Staff Toilets!


We are Very Excited to Announce the Arrival of our New Team Member - Beth

Beth Hanwright has joined the Hygiene Factor Team in the role of Washroom Services Specialist. Beth has a wealth of experience in the washroom service sector. You'll see Beth out and about in our van Hubert. If you have any questions about washroom services and sanitisation Beth will know the answer. Welcome to the team Beth.


Good Old Fashioned Soap Bars are Making a Comeback

Personally the thought of using a bar of soap after someone else (who wasn't a member of my own household) fills me with the dread of catching disease - far worse than the dread of sitting on a toilet seat! It turns out that it it more than safe to use soap as the properties in the soap do kill even the most deadly of germs such as Staph and E Coli. Read More

Can you believe that 61% of men and 37% of women regularly use their phone while on the toilet?

Well, if you are one of the people who are busy using their phones on the toilet STOP RIGHT NOW! Contamination levels of bacteria are 1479 which is a whopping score. 500 levels is considered high and a lot of these are truly nasty germs! Read more.

Public Washroom Cleanliness and Microbiological Investigation of Hand Hygiene Facilities

Many people use handwashing and hand-drying facilities in public washrooms under the impression that these amenities are hygienic. However, such facilities may be potential sites for the transmission of pathogenic bacteria. This study by Suen, et al. (2019) aimed to examine the hygiene facilities provided including handwashing and hand-drying facilities in public washrooms. Total bacterial counts and species identification were determined for hand-drying facilities. Antimicrobial susceptibilities were performed.

The bacterial contamination levels of 55 public washrooms ranging in category from disadvantaged communities to high-end establishments, were examined. The hygienic environment and facilities of the washrooms were analysed using an electronic checklist to facilitate immediate data entry. Pre-moistened sterile swabs were used to collect samples from areas around the outlet of paper towel dispensers, air outlet of air dryers, exit door handles and paper towels in the washrooms. Total bacterial counts were performed and isolates identified using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Antimicrobial susceptibility was determined by disk diffusion.

The high- and middle-income categories washrooms generally had cleaner facilities and environment followed by those in low categories. Fifty-two bacterial species were identified from the 55 investigated washrooms. Over 97% of the pathogenic Staphylococcus spp. tested were resistant to at least one first-line antimicrobial therapeutic agent, including penicillin, cefoxitin, erythromycin, co-trimoxazole, clindamycin and gentamicin, and 22.6% demonstrated co-resistance to at least three antimicrobial agents, with co-resistance to penicillin, erythromycin and clindamycin being the most common.

Reference: Suen LKP, et al. The public washroom - friend or foe? An observational study of washroom cleanliness combined with microbiological investigation of hand hygiene facilities. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control. 2019;8:47

Free Sanitary Products for Students

Scotland became the first country in the world to ensure free sanitary products are available to all pupils and students. Other countrie are now following suit by providing better access to these essential feminine hygiene products. By doing this it ensures the thousands of girls missing out on days at school just because they can't afford sanitary products is diminished. Read more.

Would you like staphylococcus with your order?

Not surprisingly, the recently introduced touch screens to order your fast food at Macca's happens to have an extra helping of dangerous bacteria. It turns out people using them don't have the best hand-washing practices. So, even if you do wash your hands you can get cross contamination from the previous users. The majority of people place their orders and then eat so any nasty germs picked up when placing the order will be on your hands and soon on your food and into your mouth. Best carry hygienic wet wipes with you!

If children as young as eight are getting their periods, then surely primary schools should supply sanitary bins.

The fact of the matter is that girls are getting their periods younger these days due to change of diet and increased BMI. Yet, few primary schools supply sanitary bins. Imagine how distressing it is for these girls to get rid of their sanitary product waste. Schools should supply sanitary bins and through Hygiene Factor's sister company Self Service Sanitary Bins www.selfservicesanitarybins.co.nz they have the option to provide the sanitary bins as a reasonable costs regardless of their budget.

Don't think of cleaning as drudgery, think of it as therapy.

Read how a couple of wonderful women are using their knowledge of cleaning to overcome mental health issues and become social media stars. They also have some fantastic cleaning tips for you. 





At Hygiene Factor we Certainly Appreciate a Lovely Bathroom

It would appear we are not the only ones who appreciate gorgeous bathrooms, the selfie loving Instagram crowd also do. Have a look at these fantastic washrooms. From the stylish, quality fittings, luxurious to downright quirky, these bathrooms have become Instagram stars in their own right. You may find inspiration for revamping your bathrooms so that they can appear on Instagram.

Need a Break from Colleagues? Head to the Loo.

It turns out that some workers spend nearly 14 minutes a day in the toilet even if not answering the call of nature. That's 56 hours a year. Why do they do this? It's to escape from colleagues and have a break from work. Don't know about you but I'd rather go for a brisk walk around the block. Read More

Dirty Money

A UK survey has found that money (yes that old fashioned cash including coins and bank notes) is covered in germs.  The analysis of the cash found a myriad of germs - around 19 different harmful bacteria. Yet another good reason for electronic payment systems. Oh, but make sure that you sanitise your hands after using an EFPOS machine - you never know what the person before you had on their hands!


 Yet Another Surface Which is Dirtier than a Toilet Seat

People do seem to think that the dirtiest thing in the world is a toilet seat. Well thin again. The security trays at airports are a hotbed for harbouring harmful germs. So, next time you've put your prescious possesions into one of these trays, it might pay to head for a wet wipe Read More

Yes, it has been scientifically confirmed - women spend more time in the loo than men

Have you ever wondered why women do in fact spend more time in the toilet than men do? Well there are several biological reason for this read more  And, this is also the reason that more washrooms are providing unisex toilet facilities to speed up the queues in the loos.


We're growing and need professional cleaners to help deliver our missing of "Keeping it Clean" to our clients. Head on over to our jobs page to see the vacancies http://www.hygienefactor.co.nz/jobs/

So Many Good Reasons for Better Office Hygiene

 It turns out workplaces are dirty places. In fact, workers in open-plan spaces have a 62 per cent higher incidence of sickness absence than those in private or shared cellular offices. Either way there is a lot that can be done to prevent sickness regardless of your office environment. Read more here.

It could save your business a fortune.



Best Bathroom Contest 

Every year Cintas in Vancouver run a Best Bathroom Competition. This Vietnemese restaurant certainly has provided a stunning restroom, from unisex stalls, amazing wallpaper, washbasins and even scented candles in the toilet. See more.


Fantastic Time at the Pink Ribbon Breakfast   


It was great to donate a prize of a house spring clean - even better Barry from The Good Home bid and won the prize. This contributed $400 to an excellent cause. 


 Pink Ribbon Breakfast at The Good Home Howick

I've attended Pink Ribbon Breakfast at The Good Home in Howick for a few years now and have always had a great time while raising money for a good cause. This year Hygiene Factor are donating a prize of a one-off house clean to further support the Breast Cancer Foundation. Please join us and do what you can by coming along and/or donating a prize.




Hygiene Factor is a multi-faceted cleaning company in high growth mode. We have a number of positions available for reliable professional cleaners. The positions are located across Auckland and within a number of our divisions.

Malodour - Unpleasant Washroom Smells a real turn off for visitors.

73% of people say that a bad smelling washroom paints a negative view of a venue read more


For those of you in hospitality, how do your bathrooms stack up?

According to research, a massive 40% of people said pubs and bars had the worst toilets, and more than a third said nightclubs (35%). Only train toilets were considered to be worse.

Two thirds of Brits (66%) regularly decide not to use a loo because it looks dirty. You can be they shared that information with their freinds! 

Hopefully you have a great washroom sanitisation programme in place and your clients and staff enjoy using your facilities.

Would you use an app to rate your visit to the loo?

The TripAdvisor-style app for rating public toilets that you never knew you needed has been launched.

Now you can tell the world about your experiences good or bad. How would your washrooms stack up?




Introducing the newest member of the Hygiene Factor family

If you would like to save costs on washroom service fees, now you can. Our Self Service Sanitary Bins sells sanitary disposal units and liners. Check out our on-line shop at https://www.selfservicesanitarybins.co.nz/ Of course, we still supply our superior washroom services if that is your preference. 


 This is a different spin on "spending a penny".

An app that provides New York citizens and visitors with immediate access to a clean washroom - in exchange for a small fee - has been launched on to the market.

Using GPS technology the Rockaloo app grants anyone access to those toilets in restaurants, cafes, high-end stores and hair salons that are normally reserved for customers only.

People signed up for the app can use their smartphone to find the nearest registered washroom whenever they need one. They can then reserve a slot in their chosen toilet for a fee of between $0.99 and $8.99.

After the e-ticket is delivered to their smartphone they have up to an hour to redeem it. And on showing a member of staff their ticket they will be allowed to jump the queue.

Launched in August, the Rockaloo app has already signed up 130 businesses partners in the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens areas of New York. The founders believe it will be a huge benefit in a city that receives 60 million tourists every year but that offers only 15 public toilets for 8.5million citizens.

Profits from the venture are being split between Rockaloo and its partnering businesses with a proportion going to charity.

 Yet another thing that would surprise you that is dirtier than a toilet seat - yes the box of tea bags!

Next time you're making yourself a nice cuppa, consider this - the average tea bag box/time has 17 times more bacteria that a toilet seat. You see it seems that people don't routinely wash their hands before they prepare their brew - so when you pick up the container you're being contaminated. Kettle handles, fridge doors, cutlery drawer handles are also serial offenders. Read More

 How do your office washrooms stack up?

Is the cleaning specification up-to-date, adapted to take account of user feedback and benchmarking exercises? User expectations, as stated in the report, are far from unreasonable: smear-free mirrors and taps; surfaces that are wiped and free of soap; puddles of water and paper towel debris; an odour-free or gently-scented space; replenished dispensers that dispense quality products; dryers that work; dry, clean flooring free of scraps of tissue; waste and sanitary bins that are not overflowing. FMs should recognise how these expectations drive perceptions. Read more.


Slightly bizarre - an open air toilet in China

Would you be comfortable doing your business?


Images of people visiting open-air washrooms in China are being shared widely on the internet.

The bizarre toilets - which have no roofs or ceilings - are situated at a run-down amusement park in Chongqing, a major city in southwest China. Web images show members of the public using the washroom while holding umbrellas to protect their modesty from would-be voyeurs in the surrounding hillside.

The washroom block is part of the city's Meixin Foreigners' Street theme park and originally built as a World's Biggest Public Bathroom tourist attraction.

The 1,000 toilets are spread out over a wide area and are divided into banks of eight, each featuring a different theme or colour. The outlandish entrance to the block has been built to resemble the Egyptian Sphinx.

Whether the toilets were originally meant to be operational or not is unclear, but recent online posts have shown them being used.

These are not the only bizarre washrooms to be found in Chongqing. A total of 23 toilets designed by the Environmental Art Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute are being erected in the city as part of a cultural project.

These washrooms resemble everything from animals and computers to transformers. One washroom has been made to look like a giant camera while another resembles the world-renowned Park Guell in Barcelona. And a recent installation of eight public urinals with no roofs or walls has sprung up in the city - right next to a children's playground.


Big Jobs are easier when you have a great team to work with...

Thank Your Cleaner Day - Wednesday 18 October

(Just Sayin')

The Thank Your Cleaner Day is a special day once a year dedicated to all cleaners. 

Thank Your Cleaner Day is a chance to say “Thank You!” for everyone working in a facility that is cleaned by professional cleaners. This could be office buildings, factories or public buildings like schools. People can thank their cleaner by leaving them a note, giving them a little gift or just saying “Thank you!”

Dirty Facts......

Keyboards harbour 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl, experts claim.

While your mouse is 45,000 times more contaminated than the flush handle.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3838418/Why-office-making-sick-Keyboards-contain-20-000-bacteria-toilet-bowl.html#ixzz4tp85nPmz 

Should Hand Shaking be Banned?

It seems it's okay for the general public but not so much for people working in high risk areas of the health sector like neonatal intensive care.


Rant About Restaurant Restrooms

There is more restaurants moving to single stall bathrooms for quicker turnaround times. All that's great but as this blogger points out - that is all well and good if the actual stall is clean!


For all the women out there, would you use a standup urinal if it cut down on queues in the women's loos?

These are being proposed in Berlin - hhmm maybe if they added cubicles???


How would you feel being operated on by naked surgeons?

Apparently surgeons shed significantly less bacteria when they are naked than when they are in scrubs. 

Not sure how comfortable I would feel being operated on with a team in their birthday suits!


Washroom focussed on good hygiene wins award

Sure, this beautiful bathroom in a Japanese restaurant in Edmonton is beautifully designed, but the main factor in winning an award is how they have focussed on hygiene to make their guests' visit to the bathroom pleasurable. Read more here.


Thank Goodness None of Our Wonderful Clients Have Toilets Like These.........

Some of these toilets are unbelievable in their design faults......


Hot Desk | Hot Bed of Germs

While "Hot Desking" has it's economic rationale for maximum occupancy rate per square metre, it also has a higher ratio of microbiological activity. A study has revealed that sharing of desks means 18 times more microbes than single occupancy desks. This means potentially more staff absences through illness by cross-contamination which could negate any costs saved in Hot Desking. 

Read More

Of course, keeping any workstation sanitised and hygienic will reduce the likelyhood of sickness in the work place. For more information on how Hygiene Factor can help clean and sanitise computer keyboards and workstations have a look at our services.

Pod™ Petite Auto won the INCLEAN Innovation Award in the Janitorial Items section at the inaugural ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday 9 May 2017.


The Pure Concepts team are thrilled that after 3 years of research and development, Pod™ Petite has been recognised for its innovation in redefining sanitary waste disposal for users, service personnel and distributors.

If you'd like a quote for either an automatic or Pod Petite Sanitary Disposal Unit let us know lynn@hygienefactor.co.nz 


Japanese trial smartphone cleaners in airport toilets

It's well documented just how dirty your smartphone is. In Japan they've introduced wipes in the toilets to not only encourage cleaning the screen but also with helpful information about wifi hotspots etc. 

Don't forget that our sister company Techno Clean does complete workstation cleaning services. It's a good time of the year to ensure that workstations and electronic devices, computer keyboards and screens are sanitised. 

 Beijing Park Uses Facial Recognition to Dispense Toilet Paper

Lucky it's only facial recognition....

Maybe toilet paper over there is really expensive. Our toilet paper products aren't expensive.

We have a full range including jumbo toilet tissue, mini jumbo toilet rolls, individual toilet rolls, one ply, two ply...


New Product

Our new Sanitisation Stations are world-class. If you want a all-in-one wet wipe, disposal and branding station then follow the call centre at General Motors lead  with these stylish units.......

 Toilet Cleaner with the Right Type of Exposure

A toilet cleaner in the UK has built up a substantial following on Twitter (700+ followers) by just asking what they want....

That is what music they want to listen to when they are in the loo.....



Forget the Gym

Get Paid to Workout

Washroom Service Technician Contractor 

Our Washroom Services Division is growing, so we are looking for a contractor to work every Tuesday (5 hours) and Wednesday (8 hours). These hours and days will grow very soon.

You'll need to be physically fit because you'll be walking so many steps in a day that you'll over load your pedometer. Besides your cardio training, you'll get a weight training session by carrying a tool box that is the size of a large dog and delivering stock (loo paper and the like).

During the course of the day you'll service our esteemed hospo and office clients' washrooms. This includes sanitisation (cleaning loos), tending sani bins, refreshing soaps and air fresheners. You'll be using chemical sprays, so if you are a wheezing asthmatic then it probably wouldn't be so great. 

Your days will start at 6.30am in Howick.  In the hours you work you'll literally be all over the place. Don't worry, a benefit is that there is plenty of time (and places) for pit stops and food breaks.

You'll need to have your own reliable fuel efficient car. We'll provide you with a uniform, safety equipment and cleaning kit. There is also the option to pick up opportunities for additional cleaning work in our other divisions - End of Tenancy Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Techno Clean. The hourly rate and travel allowance are above market rates.

No experience is necessary as a full induction will be provided. What is necessary is a shed load of commonsense and the ability to follow procedures, schedules, timetables and instructions.

If you want more information contact me by email - lynn@hygienefactor.co.nz - no phone calls please.

Here is your first test, in the email please include a bit about yourself and why you think you'd be a great contractor for Hygiene Factor. Remember it is a contract role so if you aren't comfortable with being a contractor rather than an employee then it isn't your gig.


Baby Change Facilities Mandatory in Male Toilets

President Obama has passed a law to ensure there is safe facilities for Dad's to change babies nappies in male washroom. If you want to be proactive and gear up we have a great baby change station available to purchase.



 80 percent report they frequently or occasionally see others leave a public restroom without washing their hands

When asked to cite the reasons for not washing their hands in restrooms, most respondents pointed to the absence of soap, nonworking and unclean sinks, and a lack of paper towels. Unfortunately, almost 70 percent say they've had an unpleasant experience due to the conditions in a public restroom . Don't let your washroom be a disappointment - let Hygiene Factor manage your washroom services and give your visitors a pleasant bathroom experience on your premises.


Jess, Miss Auckland

In September we sponsored Jessica Ralph-Smith for the Miss Auckland pagent.

Jess did really well and got awarded the Most Improved sash. And, if you were there you would have received some mints in your goody bag.

Hygiene Factor are proud to be making regular donations to St John's.

Please join us in supporting this wonderful organisation and its fantastic team.



Four Gross Things That Happen If You Don't Wash Your Hands

If you ever needed reminding on how important it is to wash your hands, then read up and think about the importance of keeping your hands clean read more 


Are you a Night Owl with Perfect Vision?

Commercial Cleaner - Contractor
3 Hours - 4 Evenings Per Week


Our Commercial Cleaning Division with specialises in Office Cleaning is growing rapidly and we need a night owl to join us to help with cleaning the offices of one of our elite clients. That's why you need to be a night owl with vision.

What we mean by vision is attention to detail that is second to none with regards to professional cleaning standards. The office space is large and densely populated with workstations which need to be cleaned to the highest of standards. There is also kitchen and bathroom areas which need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

If you are interested in extra hours there is options to pick up cleaning work in our other divisions - End of Tenancy Cleaning, Washroom Services and Techno Clean. We're willing to pay above market rates for the right person to join our team of perfectionists with 20/20 vision.

We need someone who has experience under their belt in professional commercial cleaning with a shed load of commonsense and the ability to follow procedures, schedules, timetables and instructions. That said, you'll also be able to add value through your input on any process improvements.

If you want further information contact me by email - Lynn, lynn@hygienefactor.co.nz.

Here is your first test. In the email please include a bit about yourself and why you think you'd be a great contractor for Hygiene Factor. Remember, this is a contract role so if you aren't comfortable with being a contractor rather than an employee, then this isn't a role for you.

Due to the nature of the business you'll also need to undergo a police check.




Katie Price finds out her handbag is FOUR TIMES dirtier than a toilet seat

Toilet queue

Nothing worse than a queue for the loo

Apparantly the industry that need to queue to go to the loo is the finance sector. 

How adequate are your bathroom facilities to staff ratio?


 A self cleaning toilet

It had to come, first the self cleaning oven and now there is a self cleaning toilet.

I don't think that we will be getting too many clients switching over to these new loos - the price tag is $US9,800.

So, it's far more affordable to use our cost effective washroom services for the time being.


Worst Loos

These just have to be the worst loos in the world...

Check out these dreadful toilets from around the world.

Does anyone have any other bad loos pictures?




Luxury Toilet Paper

For the sake of luxury, how much would you pay for your toilet paper?
Swiss company Joseph's Toileteries describe their luxury loo paper as  "a multi-layered microcosm of form and function".  At  €862 ($NZ1,400) it's an expensive wipe. See the toilet paper details.

 Calling in sick - bad hygiene at work

How clean is your work place - is it making you sick? It's not just the toilets that need sanitised your desk is a breeding ground for bacteria - read more.


Advertising in the urinal a step too far?

Or are these examples of advertising in washrooms good use of creative and people's "dwell time". 




Any idea how dirty your desk is?

Well to to give you an idea, here is more than 10 million bacteria lurking on the average office desk!



 Hand WashingCatch fewer germs in public




Toilet with a View

Loos with views

Amazing locations and views including our own Tasman Glacier



What does your washroom say about you?


Most Expensive Loo Paper

Would you pay for 22 carat toilet paper some people do see more

Or, you can contact us for a more cost effective solution info@hygienefactor.co.nz


The Power of Pee to Power 

Read how a prototype toilet at a UK university has been developed to generate electricity - see more


The Great Debate Between Handtowels and Air Dryers Resolved

If you have ever wondered what is better for your health and hygiene - check out a recent study here 




Public Restroom


How to Use a Public Toilet Without Catching a Disease

Handy hints on how to use a public toilet without picking up a disease – you won’t need this if you’re using a toilet cleaned by Hygiene Factor.

See how to here 


The Funkiest Restrooms  

From all around the world, the most amazing and funky bathrooms.

Read what they say here



Best places to "Spend-A-Penny"

World's greatest public bathrooms according to
Travel and Leisure magazine – Kawakawa even gets a notable mention.

Read what they say here



  • One-in-three office workers pop to the loo - even if they don't need to go - to escape their colleagues and have a break from work.
  • A poll of 2,000 office workers found that the average amount to time spend in the toilet each day was just under 14 minutes.
  • Over the course of a year, excluding weekend and holiday days, that works out at around 56 hours a year, a total of seven working days out of the average working year.


Contact Us

Please get in contact with the team at Hygiene Factor for any questions you'd like answered, quotes or to book our services. Our professional cleaning services cover commercial, residential, washroom sanitisation, builders clean, exit cleans, one-off cleans, spring cleans and workstation/technology cleaning.

Contact details here:



We offer a complete range of professional commercial cleaning services.



We provide a full range of paper hygiene products - toilet paper, paper hand towels and tissues. In addition, we have all cleaning products covered from washroom to kitchen. 



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