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Now is a great time to book in for having a thorough clean of all your workstations - before winter!

Make sure your staff have a hygienic workstation and technology (computers, keyboards, mice, phones, calculators) to work at. 

We can clean your workstations after hours or in the weekends. Check out the details over at our sister company's website www.technoclean.co.nz

One-off Office Cleaning

This is what one client said about the professional office cleaning service that we provided.

Hygiene Factor did a marvellous job on our annual office spring clean. Attention to detail was excellent  such as removing small marks off the painted walls. The team were thrilled to come back to a spotless office.

Thank you Lynn and team
Glenn Foster, Principal - Foster & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Self Service Sanitary Bins

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The Most Cost Effective Sanitary Bins

Save costs on sanitary bin service fees - buy your own sanitary bins.  The sanitary disposal units are easy to service yourself or by your cleaners. You can clear the sanitary bins as little or as often as you need to without paying set monthly fees.
This will save you around 80% of what you currently pay in service fees for companies to supply and clear sanitary disposal units. Your only ongoing costs are to purchase the Pod Petite Liner Cassettes which are easy to install and service yourself. Depending on usage the cassettes will last you for several months at a time. This means you just need to clear the sanitary waste when is required instead of a mandatory service fee. If you're wondering how often you need to service, the sanitary disposal unit has the capacity for approximately 220 tampons/40 regular pads. The waste can be put out in your general rubbish collection.

The sanitary disposal units will last for a minimum of 10 years so it's a good investment long term.

If you buy an automatic Pod Petite Sanitary Disposal Unit, the only additional task is to change the batteries. The batteries last approximately 3 years (60,000 cycles) so you won't need to do that very often.
The units are easy to install or we can have one of our technicians install the units for you for a small fee if you are in the greater Auckland area.

First, a bit about the Pod Petite sanitary disposal unit.

  • The sanitary bins are compact and discreet.
  • They are 440mm x 253mm x 150mm so won't take up much space. 
  • You can opt for a manual or automatic version sanitary disposal unit. 
  • The sanitary disposal bins come in either black or white.
  • The Pod Petite units are wall-mounted making it easier for cleaning floors below the unit.

The Pod Petite has won an innovation award - that is how good it is.

Pod Petite - Automatic

Using a smart motion-activated chip, the sanitary disposal system operates discreetly and
reliably without any need for contact with the unit.

  •   Touch-free operation
  •   Activates first time, every time and only when required – guaranteed
  •   Silent operation ensures discretion
  •   Minimises risk of cross-contamination
  •   Smart chip technology in wall bracket
  •   Impressive 7 litre / 1.85 gallon capacity


It's so easy to clear the sanitary bin waste!

The unit comes with a Liner Cassette of 32 continous, biodegradable waste disposal bags. See below for how you change the Pod Petite bags and remove the waste - very simple! And, no exposure to any of the sanitary bin waste as it is trapped in the liner. Then you just pop the waste into your regular rubbish for collection. Watch this quick instruction video on How to Service the Pod Petite Sanitary Disposal Bin


It doesn't end at sanitary disposal units - do total washroom self service and save.

We also supply other washroom dispensers that you can purchase outright and enjoy a cost effective way of managing your washroom services. 
  • Air Fresheners
  • Soap
  • Hand Towels
  • Toilet Tissues

Call us today on 027 550 4241 or 09 537 2922 and start saving money for your business. Alternatively you can head to www.selfservicesanitarybins.co.nz and place your order right now!







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We provide a full range of paper hygiene products - toilet paper, paper hand towels and tissues. In addition, we have all cleaning products covered from washroom to kitchen. 



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