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When was the last time you had your keyboards cleaned?

Not looking too good?

Call us today for a quote to clean and sanitise your workstations for a healthier work environment.

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Don't wait until spring to spring clean your office. Get it done now - we provide an intensive office cleaning service.

This is what one client said about the professional office cleaning service that we provided.

Hygiene Factor did a marvellous job on our annual office spring clean. Attention to detail was excellent  such as removing small marks off the painted walls. The team were thrilled to come back to a spotless office.

Thank you Lynn and team
Glenn Foster, Principal - Foster & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Workstation Cleaning

When was the last time that your computers and workstations were thoroughly cleaned and sanitised?

Given the amount of time you spend at your desks you'll be sure that they'll be full of dirt, grime and remnants of food. So, it's no wonder that an average desk is 400 times more dirty than a toilet seat - check it out.

Healthy staff have less absenteeism which has got to be good for your business. 

Our workstation cleaning service is provided in conjunction with our sister company Techno Clean.

The service includes the following:


All debris is removed from between and under the keyboards using vacuums and commercial air blowers. We then clean between each key and the surface of  the keyboard. The keyboard is then sanitised with food grade disinfectant. 


The screens are cleaned to remove dirt and dust removed from all areas. The screens are then treated with anti static wipes.

Computer Mice

Dirt and grime is removed from the computer mouse including groves, track balls and feet.


The handsets and phone units are cleaned to remove dirt build up including makeup and food. The phone is then sanitised with food grade disinfectant.


The outside of printers are cleaned to get rid of dust, dirt and marks including keypads. 


Calculator keys and screens are thoroughly cleaned. 


Desks are cleaned to remove any marks and stains. The whole workstation is then sanitised to ensure any germs are removed.

Mobile Drawer Units

Mobile drawer units are dusted and cleaned. 

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We offer a complete range of professional commercial cleaning services.



We provide a full range of paper hygiene products - toilet paper, paper hand towels and tissues. In addition, we have all cleaning products covered from washroom to kitchen. 



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